Sunday, April 28, 2013


This is how to shoplift:
Ontario, Canada – A $26,000 bottle of scotch has been stolen from the shelves of a liquor store in Ontario.

The rare spirit, a 50-year-old Glenfiddich Single Malt, is one of 15 in the Canadian city, and one of only 50 in the world.


It was only after the man had left the store that staff realized the pricey scotch had disappeared. The bottle is the single most expensive item ever stolen from an Liquor Control Board of Ontario store, said Heather MacGregor, media relations co-coordinator for the LCBO:

“This bottle was displayed in a locked cabinet. There are quite a few very exclusive and rare products that are offered at that store.”
On the other hand maybe not:
Surveillance cameras at the Queens Quay liquor store picked up a suspect, a man in a Burberry shirt, cap and brown trench coat. The alleged shoplifter can be seen in the grainy CCTV image below.

The Exploratorium is in a new building.

Video from the Torygraph:
Einstein the goldfish, who had lost the ability to swim, is afloat once more after his owner made him a special buoyant frame.
Science On The March:
The bomb detector that 56-year-old British millionaire James McCormick peddled sounded too good to be true. It could sense C-4 at a range of 600 yards. And it could be programmed to root out other contraband, too. The pistol-sized device’s simple metal antenna would magically point to where explosives, ivory, even $100 bills were hidden. Authorities in countries like Georgia, Romania, Niger, Thailand, Saudi Arabia, and Iraq, where McCormick was able to sell the detector, could, with a flick of the wrist, stop smuggling, organized crime, and deadly terrorist attacks.

Guess what? McCormick was full of shit. His device, dubbed the ADE-651, was bogus. Earlier incarnations of the detector, produced under the brand name ATSC, were based on $20 novelty golf ball detectors, the kind of plastic gag gift you’d give your argyle-wearing uncle whose slice off the tee is worse than he’d ever admit.
New mujahedeen?
The EU's anti-terror chief has told the BBC that hundreds of Europeans are now fighting with rebel forces in Syria against Bashar al-Assad's regime.

Gilles de Kerchove estimated the number in Syria at about 500.

Intelligence agencies are concerned some could join groups linked to al-Qaeda and later return to Europe to launch terrorist attacks.

The UK, Ireland and France are among the EU countries estimated to have the highest numbers of fighters in Syria.
Californians don't know shit about recycling:
More possible fallout from this weekend's 4/20 festivities: An employee at the faux-shabby Joe's Crab Shack found three garbage bags filled with marijuana in a dumpster behind the seafood chain's Fisherman's Wharf location.

According to SFPD, the bags contained "maybe 50 pounds" of unwanted kind bud. The investigation is still underway, so police don't have any additional information on where the weed might have come from or if it could possibly have any connection to the nationwide seafood chain. A quick search of the location's Yelp page produced 24 reviews claiming the service was "a bit slow," "definitely super slow" and "so slow it almost move backward in time." But all that is probably unrelated to the huge stash found in the dumpster.


Smut Clyde said...

The Exploratorium is in a new building.

I liked the old Beaux-Arts building. Harrumph.

Smut Clyde said...

The rare spirit, a 50-year-old Glenfiddich Single Malt, is one of 15 in the Canadian city, and one of only 50 in the world.

Meh. Glenfiddich is (as my mate Frank is wont to say) just a cooking whisky. Still, kudos to the distilling industry for increasing the prestige of their product by creating this niche of "Bottles for putting on display, not drinking", and persuading people to buy into it.

mikey said...

Good heavens.

This may be the ultimate trolling mikey post.

And yet, oddly, I got nothing...

Big Bad Bald Bastard said...

$26,000 for a bottle of whisky? That had better be Shackleton's shit for those shekels!

Smut Clyde said...

That had better be Shackleton's shit

That also has been excavated, thawed, and examined.

zombie rotten mcdonald said...

I am actually surprised you got a picture of me.

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

It's actually a very nice liquor store with pretty amazing selection. It's essentially connected to the distribution centre and head office. Not that being right next to where all the booze is stored helps since everything goes through the complex inventory system they have. But that one outlet is where everyone from head office picks up their booze.

fish said...

The rare spirit, a 50-year-old Glenfiddich Single Malt, is one of 15 in the Canadian city, and one of only 50 in the world.

So why does Ontario have 30% of the world's supply of this?

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

Teh LCBO is the single largest purchaser of alcohol in the world (after zrm). Thus they have some crazy access to rare offerings. After all, distributing through that one agency gives access to a captive market of several million.

That said, the crazy access gets applied by only the one purchasing department - so it's a small panel of folks that decide what is and is not worth drinking. But if they decide that it is - we get it here in Ontario.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Also your mom.

fish said...

so it's a small panel of folks that decide what is and is not worth drinking.

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that a $24K bottle of scotch is not worth drinking. At least if I'm paying for it...

Dragon-King Wangchuck said...

Well yeah. The "worth drinking" part is about the real world impacts - as in what I can find on the shelves when it's time to do a booze run. The over-representation of limited edition and high scarcity products is just a byproduct of how we Ontarians get our booze.