Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Global Warming Insights

Retiring BCIT principal glad to put long commute to work behind him

Burlington County Times

WESTAMPTON — After 33 years in education and 16 years as the principal at the Burlington County Institute of Technology here, Daniel Money is retiring at the end of the year.

“I'm finally graduating,” he said Thursday. “Sixteen years, five cars, and gas is $3 a gallon — it's time. It's the perfect time for the new administration to take hold and install their vision. In my opinion, it's long overdue.”

Money has been planning to retire for nearly a decade. He told the class of 2000 that he was going to retire, so students were surprised to find him roaming the halls when school reopened for the 2000-01 school year. His wife retired four years ago, and she's been pushing him to do so ever since.

“I've been promising her every year,” he said. “She says it's time.”

Still, he's going with some reluctance. If not for his four-hour commute, he likely wouldn't be retiring now. On the other hand, considering the number of cars he's run into the ground, he probably should have retired years ago.

“If I didn't have to drive 100 miles each way, I'd stay,” he said. “I'm fortunate to have a great auto shop to keep me going.”


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Snag said...

If his kids are like mine, I can understand the attraction of a four-hour commute.