Tuesday, May 13, 2008

True Conservatives

Once upon a time I wrote this:
"Given that conservatism in America for the last while largely consisted of slavish devotion to George W. Bush it’s easy to mistake the odd principled conservative such as yourself for a nitwit or reprobate."

Anyway, anonymous - who should get a stupid name like me - was moved to write:

I wanted to write you an email but I couldn't find an address so I took the opportunity to write to you here.
My "about me" section has been adjusted accordingly.
Slavish devotion? You must not have been paying attention because conservatives most definitely did not have a slavish devotion to Bush. We loudly opposed him on his drunken sailor manner of spending, Harriet Miers, his open borders agenda, the prescription drug benefit, allowing Ted Kennedy to write the education bill, his insistence that Islam is a "religion of peace", his weak response when he was blamed for Louisiana's dismal failure to act as first responders as dictated by law after Katrina and his refusal to pardon the border agents who were imprisoned after shooting an illegal alien drug dealer.

There are other examples I could give you that would show you that conservatives do not have a "slavish" devotion to President Bush. Perhaps you meant republicans and that may be true, but the fact of the matter is President Bush is NOT a conservative and he hasn't tried to convince anyone that he is.
That last clause is patently false. See the book Karen Hughes wrote for him.

Regarding the other stuff:
Harriet Miers
Here I believe the opposition was "everybody who wasn't Bush or Miers".
his insistence that Islam is a "religion of peace"
The guy has been a diplomatic bull in a China shop; give him credit for not causing anti-American riots around the world.

Other stuff I don't want to get into mainly because people who call themselves conservatives - as you have - continue to rally around the demented moron. If the task is separating the Scotsmen from the true Scotsmen, the conservatives who have power and get stuff done seem to me to be the conservatives to think about rather than the conservatives who have no power at all and no elected representatives willing to restrain their non-conservative fellow Republicans. That latter category must include you, and I am sorry to jiggle the knife in your back, but hey, there are kids who call themselves hippies these days and actual hippies from back in the day get snotty about that too.
Thank you for your time and the opportunity to respond even if this isn't exactly the best forum for my response.
No problem.

Update: Take note! Writing long things requires either perfection or editing, neither of which is attractive to me.


Snag said...

I'm pretty sure the President is a liberal. And Cheney is a hippie.

ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

New Hippies.

Not as dirty, don't fuck nearly enough.